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22nd August 2004, 22:25
There are a lot of as.s.holes in JKA. From day one ever since I first played the game i've noticed how many take the the game very seriously and how some will do anything to get you back. Have you ever been lamed by a server admin for no reason and when you lame them back they get mad? It gets annoying at times how people especially server admins get frustrated when they can't kill some one so they punish, slap, kick, or ban you. I've noticed a lot of admin abuse in this game it does take the fun out of the game sometimes.

If your one of those people who like starting trouble in servers this isn't for you but if you get banned for no reason here is what you can do to unban your self:

JKA has no CD key that admins can ban to keep you out of their. JKA also has no cheat software like Punkbuster that can keep you out of servers by assigning special guid numbers to you that admins can us to perma ban you. JKA can only ban a players IP.

If you have DSL you are in luck. I have Verizon DSL and all I have to do to get back into a server after being banned is shut off my modem for about 1-2 minutes, turn it back on, and plug my cables back in. It immediately assigns me a new IP address and gets me back in the server. I'm not sure if this works with other DSL ISP providers but it should. It wouldn't be smart to try to connect to the server with the same name because you will get banned again. It gives you a different IP everytime so you can keep doing it.

People with cable modems aren't so lucky. Most Cable ISP only assign you one IP and thats the one you keep until you die :) So if you get banned and you're desperate to play in that server you'd probably have to call them and ask them to change your IP because shutting your modem off and on probably wouldn't help.

If you don't know then now you know....



23rd August 2004, 11:07
That's called a dynamic IP address. Depends on your ISP. Most players have a static IP address, meaning it never changes. Not really anything you can do if it's dynamic.

24th August 2004, 01:35
That's called a dynamic IP address. Depends on your ISP. Most players have a static IP address, meaning it never changes. Not really anything you can do if it's dynamic.

I know what its called just didn't want to get into details and yes it depends on your ISP. DSL is notorious for providing dynamic IP addresses. You can still get a static IP address changed you'd most liekely have to call in and give an explanation. For example calling and complaining about hackers. :P

24th August 2004, 15:41
lol! I love the irony in that...

24th August 2004, 15:55
lol i tryed that once here. complaining about hackers and stuff and all they said is to get a better firewall -_-

DarK MinsTreL
29th August 2004, 21:37
proxy software R000000X!

31st August 2004, 00:57
proxies lag usually..

you can usually do this for cable, as well. if you have a router (dlink, netgear, etc) then you can usually change the mac address to the WAN port of the router (port that goes to the modem), if you change the mac, and renew the ip, you'll probably get a new ip.. this may work with DSL, but i'm not sure.. i'm a proud 6 year user of cable and wouldn't fix something that aint broke :P

1st September 2004, 11:11
i got banned. except twas from a programme, i dont know what it banned. wasnt ip, there was one on account, but its easy to make new account. Wasnt the hardware mac address of the router, with a different computer could still connect to the programme from my router. Wasn't my ethernet card MAC address, coz i changed it. But absolutely no luck. So any other ideas Vash? I'm haappy to pm you.

3rd September 2004, 01:57
Does it work with D-LINK Plus?

13th September 2004, 00:51
All you need to do is get your gateway address (for your modem) then open it up in browser and once your in depending on what your modem is you need to go to somthing like system/status and you can change your WAN ip address and your gateway address(release or renew it), if I ever get banned I just change that and im back in.

19th September 2004, 06:13
if we are using a LINKSYS router, can we change ip?

19th September 2004, 11:02
Depends on your server, if i change my IP i have to call up my ISP and tell them my mac address so they can update it.

Also the best way to be un banned is not to be banned in the first place. ;)

19th September 2004, 18:04
Im on Cable and I used to change my IP constantly with a Batch Script that I came across the internet... its a bit of a pain to change IP with this script though, cuz you need to find an IP from your ISP first that isnt in use...
Which isnt to hard if you know how :D
I dont have the script on me right now, but i will get it soon and post it here if you guys want it

FYI - Its a good idea to remember your original IP so you can change it back

20th September 2004, 06:49
Not if they ban your class C address.

168.2.0 << whole class c banned.

21st September 2004, 04:47
or if your to lazy to phone in and change your ip download a ip config and get it changed off that.

21st September 2004, 23:31
heres what my script does
My ISP has many different IP addresses for Differnt regions

I went from 24.???.???.???

22nd September 2004, 00:31
that sounds cool. i really could use this hehe :)

22nd September 2004, 18:40
Woudln't work with my internet (ISP) am with tellwest cable blueyonder broadbrand :P

As if my IP or Mac changes it doesn't work, and i have to call them up :( So i hate gettings banned, but its good am not a newb noob and goes and says look am a nobbish cheater hacker wantabe :P Which helps me alot.

24th September 2004, 04:51
Someone kno how to change ip if we have PPPoE (like u need username and password) DSL...

can someone tell me plz?

27th September 2004, 01:29
comcast is a dynamic IP address btw