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18th August 2002, 22:47
I was just wondering is there a way to play in 3rd person? like in half life they had a program.. thats all i want.. not any aimbot/wallhack ... i love 3rd person

18th August 2002, 23:01
Well i can get u a mod that makes u play in 3rd person view
But it only works in single player, so i dnt know if its any good 2 u, but if u want it,
pm me, or leave ya email...

19th August 2002, 08:20
yes u can use 3rd person in mp just go to ur mohaa main folder and open up the newconfig folder and add this
seta sv_3rd_person

19th August 2002, 11:30
actually its seta cg_3rd_person

19th August 2002, 12:36
hi, is there a way to turn it on and off in the game?


19th August 2002, 18:10
u might be able to bind it, but i dont think it would work again after u turn it off.. cheat protection would kick in a block it, have to have it on b4 server starts, so, but worth a try, i dont know how to bind, so ask some one who does( not mean i actually dont know how to bind, i search for stuff people have done already)

19th August 2002, 23:57
oops my bad thx prozak :ermm:

20th August 2002, 01:43
it's /cg_thirdperson "1" ..

or .. huh... yeah that gotta be it.. wicked

20th August 2002, 06:44
no i know for a fact its cg_3rd_person, i use it all the, you gotta make a new crosshair or aim up alot though, the crosshair will be off by afew inches in 3rd person

24th August 2002, 20:21
I have put all this is my newconfig.cfg and unnamedsoldier.cfg nothing works..

open with wordpad add
seta cg_3rd_person

am i doing something wrong here??

25th August 2002, 02:22
you don't have to put it into your unnamedsoldier.cfg...

29th August 2002, 00:42
you have to put this in the newconfigs file

seta cg_3rd_person 1

they left out the 1, hope this helps. to make it easier download my attachment but be sure to backup your old configs file first here it goes put this file in the MOHAA/main folder

29th August 2002, 15:09
3rd per is not bad for close combat but would be MUCH better with a crossair that would match... Anyone done it??

29th August 2002, 19:04
It would be cool to make a mod anyone want to undertake this challenge?

31st August 2002, 01:31
I mean I would but im no modder

mr. I
31st August 2002, 01:59
Is there realy no way to bind 3rd person

I mean is there a way to bind 3rd person and can switch in a game.

switch betweem 1st and 3rd person with a key?

31st August 2002, 21:29
I tried it and it doesnt work, it doesnt let you turn it off if you have it on and vice versa.

mr. I
31st August 2002, 23:05
That suck:eek: :eek:

31st August 2002, 23:36
It does work in SP but not in MP

1st September 2002, 17:26
I got third person to work and I love it. But could you possibly make a crosshair that is more accurate?

4th September 2002, 06:39
I will say once again, anyone want to try, i mean i would but im no modder/ hack editor.

12th September 2002, 13:29
Originally posted by Homer43
I will say once again, anyone want to try, i mean i would but im no modder/ hack editor. :bunny: GOD DAMN IT...I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SNIPE WITH THIRD PERSON...SOMEONE READ THIS AND DO IT!:bunny:

----------------------------I want a cookie

4th October 2002, 03:30
Once again, slow down turbo and actually read my post. I can snipe just fine with a 3rd person, get used to it or dont use it at all.

4th October 2002, 05:12
:ermm: You just responded to a post that is over one month old............................................... ................................................
Anyways to those who still care;

cg_cameraverticaldisplacement -18

24th December 2002, 17:42
Here is a script that toggles 3rd person and adjusts your crosshair,it also prints on screen when toggleing on/off

// Third-Person-View Toggle
alias TPVon "cg_3rd_person 1;cg_cameraverticaldisplacement -18; bind F1 TPVoff; locationprint 275 100 Third-Person-View 0"
alias TPVoff "cg_3rd_person 0;cg_cameraverticaldisplacement +18; bind F1 TPVon; locationprint 275 100 First-Person-View 0"
bind F1 "TPVon"

that binds it to F1 but you can edit that to your liking.Add these line to your custom.cfg or create one. To active singleplayer cheats,create a shortcut or use an exsisting one.Right click on it and select properties,a box will pop-up.On the shortcut TAB you will find a line called target.this points to the exe file. Replace that line with this one "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\MOHAA.exe" +set developer 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +exec Custom.cfg
Assuming that is you installed to the default directory.I have also found that you must quit the game to reactive single player cheats if you go multi-player

Nos Sniper
24th December 2002, 18:59
wuts 3rd person?

24th December 2002, 19:08
Actually, 3rd person in multiplayer works, but you cant switch between it and first person.

Just add this to the newconfig.cfg file:
seta cg_3rd_person 1

and it will work, I use it all the time and it's great!

Argh, wrong post lol

Nos Sniper
24th December 2002, 19:16
LMAO LOL!:bunny: :cool: :cheeky: :chinese: :alien: :bandit: :cross-eye

24th December 2002, 20:55
this is the 3rd person cross set by someone, i forget who, but here you go (http://unknowncheats.nolag.org/unknowncheats__dot__com/HaX1Z1oR_s_3rd_Person_CrossSet.zip)

24th December 2002, 21:32
Thanks cameltoe, was looking for these. :cool:

24th December 2002, 21:47
the only way to 'bind' or toggle between 3rd person and 1st person view is to he ur exe. It cannot be done with a script because it is cheat protected. This was indeed confirmed by ccs who saved me a great deal of time that i would have been tryin to get the thing to work.

Nos Sniper
24th December 2002, 23:34

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