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Thread: Fix All Gameguard Errors [95% Of Them]

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    Fix All Gameguard Errors [95% Of Them]

    I'm back everyone ! Yes. I've been doing my usual studies and stuff and recently compiled a list of gameguard errors you people have. Here are all the errors and method of solving them:

    Error 110 - This is indicating that NProtect has already been loaded once and is still resident in memory. Please hit CONTROL-SHIFT-ESCAPE to bring up the task manager, click processes, and perform an end process on trose.exe and GameMon.des. If ending these processes does not resolve the error, please reboot your PC.

    Error 112 - Please be sure your PC is free of viruses, and that sufficient memory is available. You may wish to make sure your virus scanning program is up-to-date and functioning properly, and that you do not have too many other open programs.

    Error 114 - Unfortunately a specific solution to this error is unavailable. In general, it is indicating that some software on your PC is preventing NProtect from loading. Please verify that you have administrative access to the PC you are using, and that you have shut down all nonessential software. Also, you may wish to end any unnecessary system services or processes if you feel comfortable doing so. You may also wish to try teporarily disabling any virus scanning, firewall, or security software on your PC.

    Error 120 - Your installation of NProtect is either incomplete or damaged. Please delete the GameGuard folder and repatch MapleStory, or try clicking on the [Check Files] button.

    Error 124 - Same as Error 120

    Error 141
    - Same as Error 120

    Error 142 - Same as Error 120

    Error 150 - Same as Error 120

    Error 153 - Same as Error 120

    Error 155 - This error should not occur under Windows XP. If it is encountered, your PC may have a severe virus or be experiencing Operating System / Hard Disk corruption. Please visit for assistance in restoring this file for your particular OS version. If you are unable to restore it, we recommend contacting a qualified PC technician to examine your PC.

    Error 170 - Due to a problem with the GameGuard INI, the program was unable to launch. We recommend deleting the GameGuard folder and re-running the MapleStory patch program again in order to redownload the NProtect files.

    Error 340 - This is indicating that the NProtect patches failed to download, either due to an overly restrictive firewall or network issues leading to failed downloads [such as timeouts, corrupted packets, etc.] We recommend checking your firewall settings as well as your current connection stability, and trying again at a later time.

    Error 350 - The NProtect patcher was cancelled. Please close MapleStory and NProtect and load the game anew.

    Error 360 - The NProtect patch process failed due to corrupted files, or an overly restrictive firewall. Please be sure to allow NProtect access through your firewall. If the problem persists, delete the GameGuard directory and run the MapleStory patcher again.

    Error 361 - Gameguard did not install well. Maybe you cancelled it or something. Either Re-download gameguard or..

    Internet>Settings>Network>Check security programme on top is working or not.

    Also check if you need to get authorized to use the internet.

    Error 380 - This is indicating that either there is a problem with your internet connection, security software on your PC is blocking NProtect from accessing its patch server, or the NProtect patch server is temporarily down. You may wish to wait a while and try again, and verify your firewall settings, as well.

    You can also enable nprotect\maplestory through the firewall.
    If you are using a Router. Configure it to let maple through.

    Usually, you computer may not have the problems of wad the different error says. Cause it's may sometimes be due to us using hacks therefore Gameguard may have errors. So best is not hack. But everyone knows that's impossible! =P

    Anyway, hope this thing helps everyone solve their problems. Have fun.



    Error ___ - (No numbers) This means you're lagging or maple is.

    Error 360 - If you already allowed the things and still do not work. Try turning off your anti-virus. It may also be a corrupted file. Just deletle your gameguard folder and re-download.

    Other weird errors -

    "Cannot display video mode" error -
    Either: Reinstall Maplestory OR Reinstall you entire graphic card.

    No gamemon and trose.exe? -
    Try deletling this file: d3d8.dll.

    I keep getting dced like 5mins into the game! -

    Try this

    My Computer>C: or D:> Program Files> Wizet> MapleStory> MapleStory.exe

    Right click> Properties> Compability> Change to other lower ones

    "Failed in finding proper screen mode for Gr2D" error -


    Gr2D_Dx81.dll error

    There are 2 common causes of "Gr2d" dll errors.

    a) Gr2D_Dx81.dll
    b) "Failed in finding proper screen mode for Gr2D"

    For Gr2D_Dx81.dll errors, please update your DirectX version to the latest. You can obtain the installation file from this link

    "Failed in finding proper screen mode for Gr2D"
    To fix this error, please install the video card driver that the manufacturer provides and not the default Microsoft version.

    The following is a list of location of drivers for your video card.

    Voodoo 3

    Older graphic cards (Voodoo3, Savage3D, Kyro etc) may experience slowness or graphical glitches. This is to be expected as support for the video card may have ended. The only solution in this case is to upgrade your card.

    Laptop Owners
    The recommended choice is to install the drivers provided by the manufacturer of your laptop (eg. Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM etc). You may install OEM/3rd party drivers if you are confident in trying them out.

    Error 157 - I'm still looking into that. Next update maybe.


    Wubawuba (Copyrighted Plz Tell Me If You're Reposting It ANYWHERE)
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    nice post wubawuba
    anyway did u manage to emulate MSEA to lower rev den its original 641?
    cos i keep getting the gameguard fail to initialise. i think its due to the current gameguard.des in-compatible with the old revs
    anyway gd job here
    thumbs up

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    great post man this help alot ppl here good job

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    wow wuba. u actually did every error u could think of and made up this guide. very nice work. haha.. i bet i wont have the patience to do that.

    ps: wuba does ur server emulation work? do u noe how to make IP static?

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    Terror Dit Devil of Hell WubaWuba's Avatar
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    16th Dec 2005
    I'm not using server emulation. I'm using bypassed cheat engine now. Or edited Cheat Engine. Home made.

    Hope this post helps lots of people with thier problems and IF possible gets a sticky too

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    Error 500 =\

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    Big ups on the bypassed CE... U use Delphi ?...
    But you can also get error 114 if you fail to make sure your host file(server emulation method) is not read-only. Just rt click the host the goto properties and select read-only... How simple is that...

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    I propose a sticky!!!!

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    maybe wuba teh kindest man in mpc might want to share his home made ce with us? dreaming....hope im not tho-.-

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    Someone's done his homework Nice ! Rate++ from SunBeam !
    People are all the same, we only get judged by what we do. Personality reflects name, and if I'm ugly, then so are you...

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    error 500 =\

    anyone heard of that?

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    even if he does.. he will choose some specific ppl..

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    i got an error 230 from attemtping to bypass but failed...anyone knows what they means?

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    Means you suck and need to use rev 566

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    hey wuba... u added me in msn and then deleted me right... sigh.. u said u would share me with

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