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Thread: [Release]Halo Trial Trainer v1

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    Arrow [Release]Halo Trial Trainer v1

    I've been working on Halo Trial "hacks" for some time now. People who are not server cannot change memory address for the server, so therefor:



    Simple graphic interface
    Works for all Halo Trial versions
    Only works if you are host

    Host may do the following:

    Switch to Red or Blue Team
    ---When you click one of the buttons to switch teams, view the score [I think is F1?]; It will show that you are on the other team. You will not "Physically" be on the other team until you die. Ex: If you are on Red and you press the button to switch to Blue, you will still look like a Red player, until you die. Now during that time, if a Blue player kills you, it will say he betrayed you [then you will switch teams].

    Freeze/Unfreeze Himself
    ---This will just freeze you in the spot you are in. Not useful until I come out with the next version!

    Spawn Limbo/Unspawn Limbo
    ---When you click "Spawn Limbo", nothing will happen at first...but when you die, you will never respawn. When you click "Unspawn Limbo", you will respawn on Blue Team. This is useful if you want to host but are AFK. Why? Because it will not count you as a player in game, and since you never respawn, you won't run the chance of being spawn killed!

    Instant Limbo/Uninstant Limbo
    ---This will put you in INSTANT Limbo. Meaning you won't have to die to be put in Limbo[Never Respawn]. In order to spawn again, you will have to press Uninstant Limbo and then switch teams in game. Just like Spawn Limbo, you can use this as an "AFK Tool"!

    Hog/Death/Normal Speed
    ---In "Hog Speed", you will run as fast as a Warthog. In "Death Speed", you will run 3x as fast as a Warthog...which means, you will die if you hit something too fast. This one is cool, because you can do some Bloodgulch Hill Ramping Contests! "Normal Speed", will bring you back to normal running speed.

    ::Features for V2::
    All the options will work for all players when hosting
    Option - Change player names
    Option - Change scores
    Prettier Interface. I have ugly buttons. UGH.

    This trainer was originally made for the R3clan.net4pwd server. All credit goes to ¯®³_¬Silent a.k.a SilentK.

    Any questions/suggestions/comments?
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    You rule, I love death speed!

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    nice keylogger

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    its no keylogger so ggs get out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xcloudzstrife View Post
    nice keylogger
    File:		HaloTR1.zip
    Status:		File is safe to use (infections may show up below, but they are false positives/not dangerous)
    MD5:		4c76632733896b02736f3ec072626b5f
    AntiVir:	No virus found
    Authentium:	No virus found
    Avast:		No virus found
    AVG:		No virus found
    BitDefender:	No virus found
    CAT-QuickHeal:	Suspicious
    ClamAV:		Trojan.W32.HotKeysHook.A
    DrWeb:		No virus found
    eTrust-Inocul.:	No virus found
    eTrust-Vet:	No virus found
    Ewido:		No virus found
    Fortinet:	Suspicious
    F-Prot:		No virus found
    F-Prot4:	No virus found
    Ikarus:		Trojan.Win32.Keylogger.HotKeysHook.A
    Kaspersky:	No virus found
    McAfee:		No virus found
    Microsoft:	No virus found
    NOD32v2:	Win32/Keylogger.HotKeysHook.A
    Norman:		No virus found
    Panda:		No virus found
    Sophos:		No virus found
    Symantec:	No virus found
    TheHacker:	No virus found
    UNA:		Trojan.PSW.Win32.HotKeysHook.D757
    VBA32:		No virus found
    VirusBuster:	No virus found
    Source: VirusTotal
    A HotKeysHook.A detection is caused by a certain DLL that TMK (Trainer Maker Kit) uses to detect which keys are pressed and how to respond to that, it's not used for the usual keylogging purpose, but necessary for the proper functioning of the program. It's therefore safe to use.

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    Yeah, I made it with TMK, it's safe. I'm updating this download soon with a c++ version I made.

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    Thanks very much!!!!!!!!

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    i need help

    what do u do with it after u unzip it and all that? were do i put it and how do i use it? thanx

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    its really fun keep it up cant wait for v2

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    r3 is a bunch of noobs

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    Is there a way to get an aimbot without having to be the server host?
    I dont know why but everytime I make a server, NO ONE COMES.

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    well i suggest turn firewalls off then you could host.

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    Nice KeyLogger

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    ...and is still is no keylogger but a usual TMK memory trainer with the common false detections.

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    GJ mate i love Death Speed

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