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Thread: [Tutorial] Hacking from step one

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    [Tutorial] Hacking from step one

    Hacking Tutorial By Manc Of MpcForum:

    What is ZenxEngine?
    ZenxEngine is a UCE (Undetected Cheat Engine) Made my Jma/netsurfer.

    How do I get ZenxEngine?

    Right here at

    What to do first: downloaded ZenxEngine and extracted it..And now you have the ZenxEngine folder on your desktop. Now, go into your CE (the actual zenxengine itself) and under the big symbol/icon on the right side theres the settings button. In your ZenxEngine folder there is a text document called 'notes'. In there are the settings. Go back to the CE and click the settings button and make the settings as they are in the notes document. When you are done with that, click the MapleStory button...several things might happen.

    Scenario 1:~) You have the first and most basic ZenxEngine. Click the MapleStory mushroom button. The watch p will come up and you attach your CE to maplestory.exe manually (Do so by double clicking maplestory.exe in watch p when GameGaurd is loading). You’re attached and ready to hack. [[[PS: The watch p can be accessed by doing this: In your CE.... the little computer icon with the flashing colors around it, well click it. Now you should see the 'Process List Open' look near the bottom of the process list and click the button called Process Watch. The watch p is now open.]]]

    Scenario 2-most likely situation- :~) You have the most recent version of ZenxEngine. Now click the MapleStory mushroom button(1), then MsPro and and DXWind come up. This version of ZenxEngine should attach itself through watch p automatically. But since it loads DXWind (for windowed mode) you have to do something to it. What you do is when GameGaurd is loading you right click the top line and press execute. If the 2 directory lines are not loaded in DXWind, then you have the version of ZenxEngine that doesn’t have it automatically loaded. Sucks for you. Otherwise you should be good to go.

    How to use hacking addresses: ~) Log in~ Now go click the button 'Memory View' in your CE ~ it should be on the right side. Now you have the Memory Viewer open. If you see a bunch of ??? (Question marks) then you did not attach your CE to maplestory.exe correctly. If you did attach it correctly, you will see a bunch of numbers, and I mean ALOT. Now I'm not going to teach how to use every address..Only the principles on HOW to use them. Lets use god-mode hack for example. Here is the info an address list would give you. NO HIT GODMODE 0062BEDD ZF [X] [ ] . What you do with right click the top line in memory viewer (which should be 00400007) and select 'go to address' or you can just press CTRL+G (shortcut ^_^). Then paste in the god-mode address that I stated above (0062BEDD) and click ok. Once you are there...right click the top line...(highlighted one) and select 'Change Register At This Locaction'. You will see columns on the left like EAX at the top and EIP at the bottom, On the right you will see a column labeled 'Flags' and CF will be at the top and OF at the bottom. Now think about the god-mode info (NO HIT GODMODE 0062BEDD ZF [X] [ ]). What ZF [X] [ ] means is that you tick the first ZF box (ONLY THE FIRST) and then press ok. Now go run into some monsters. If your not getting hit..then then congratz you newborn hax0r. ^.^ However, if your still being hit.... try re-attaching to maplestory.exe and make sure your settings are right.

    How to use Addresses that use offsets. Often Called pointers:~)

    Heres what you do to item Vac..Im guessing you have this information:

    Item X 0076254c Offset: 390
    Item Y 0076254c Offset: 394

    Go to add address manually, dont worry about address Description (if you want you can name it Item X and the second one Item Y) or Type. What you need to do is Check 'pointer' and for 'Address of Pointer' put 0076254c . And for offset(Hex) Put in 390 . That was item X . Now to make Item Y do the exact same thing except make the offset(Hex) 394 . Now check both of them and it should item Vac wherever you were standing when you set those up. Pointer basically is a type of add the address and offset and you freeze them for the effect instead of going to the address in memory viewer and ticking ZF.
    If your gamegaurd loads too fast for this, or DXWnd will simply not work, try this. Scenario 2.5? o.o~~> Okay, click the Mushbutton NUMBER 2 ~ Mushbutton(2). everything will load up. All you do is exit out of DXWnd(X it off)..and then click run maplestory from the icon on your desktop(NOT THE MUSHBUTTONS IN CE). There you go, your ready to hack in NON windowed mode.
    I find that most people will not use MsBot, as vaccing+ botting is much less common, mspro does not have auto attack as msbot does, which is why i find msbot better to use. If you need help on doing this(getting MsBot to run on clickof mushbutton(1) instead of MsPro, Im me or Pm Me.)

    ~~THE END~~ This was all made by me...took me like an hour to make. This is my first tutorial ever. If you going to flame gentle…like I said its my first ever. I don’t mind if you post this elsewhere…just make an effort to give me credits.What else am I supposed to say? Oh..gimme rep or something? Anyways…good luck with this. PM me if you have any issues or need further help. Hoped this helped Sincerely,

    Major Credits to Jma Aka NetSurfer for ZenxEngine itself.
    And ESPN8THEECHO for addresses.

    If you want me to write more tuts..then just post in here or something.
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    Meh, i dunno

    Its a good topic all in all, and its going to stop skim-reading-leechers in there tracks

    but i believe forcing them to read the stickies teaches them better, making them less prone to start posts like "NEED HAXORZ NOT BEGGING"
    I am a leecher and I can't say that I'm too ashamed

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    ty (:

    WOW Thanks! thats gunna help alot.. i just got the hacks downloaded now i gotta do what the guide says :p i hope i can get it working.. i read it while i was playing my psp earlier and it seemed helpful so. thankyou! ive been looking for a tut / guide for like 2 hours the search thing isnt working but oh well.. thanks

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    Im glad this thread is staying took me forever to make it. If my tutorial is unclear..state which part you are confused on and i will try to enlighten you on the subject.

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    i got to the part when you click the 1st maple mush room and this error popped up and said

    OS: Windows XP Professional, No ServicePack
    CPU: AuthenticAMD, AMD AMD Athlon(tm) Processor, MMX @ 1000 MHz

    Application data:
    VmVyc2lvbjogVEdCeWJtWlFjR3QzZkNvbU5pc29PQ1VwT2lZck 9nRUd
    QeU0rTG0xNmVYeDFNU01nUFNFbU5FZHdlbk4yWkgwMg0KSW1hZ 2VCYX
    kZTogDQo4OCwxQywzRSxGRiw0NSxGMCxGRiw0RCxFQyw3NSw5N Sw1Ri
    zAsNTUsNjgsN0QsQzIsRjgsMCw2NCxGRiwzMCw2NCw4OSwyMCx GRiw1
    gWzIwNl0NCi0gMjM4DQotIDANCi0gMjI3DQotIDANCi0gW10NC j4gQz
    pcUHJvZ3JhbSBGaWxlc1xXaXpldFxNYXBsZVN0b3J5XE1hcGxl U3Rvc
    YXBsZVN0b3J5DQpDb3B5cmlnaHQgPyAyMDAzDQpNYXBsZVN0b3 J5LmV
    dJTkRPV1NcU3lzdGVtMzJcbnRkbGwuZGxsDQo+IEM6XFdJTkRP V1Ncc
    3lzdGVtMzJca2VybmVsMzIuZGxsDQo+IEM6XFdJTkRPV1Ncc3l zdGVt
    0lORE9XU1xzeXN0ZW0zMlxvbGVhdXQzMi5kbGwNCj4gQzpcV0l ORE9X
    U1xzeXN0ZW0zMlxNU1ZDUlQuRExMDQo+IEM6XFdJTkRPV1Ncc3 lzdGV
    tMzJcT0xFMzIuRExMDQo+IEM6XFdJTkRPV1NcU3lzdGVtMzJcd 2lubW
    0uZGxsDQo+IEM6XFByb2dyYW0gRmlsZXNcV2l6ZXRcTWFwbGVT dG9ye
    VxpamwxNS5kbGwNCg0KSW50ZWwgQ29ycG9yYXRpb24NCkludGV sriBK
    UEVHIExpYnJhcnkgLSBSZXRhaWwgVmVyc2lvbg0KMSw1MSwxMi w0NA0
    KaWpsMTUNCkNvcHlyaWdodCCpIEludGVsIENvcnBvcmF0aW9uI DE5OT
    EVHIExpYnJhcnkNCg0KPiBDOlxXSU5ET1dTXFN5c3RlbTMyXG5 ldGFw
    aTMyLmRsbA0KPiBDOlxQcm9ncmFtIEZpbGVzXFdpemV0XE1hcG xlU3R
    vcnlcbnBrY3J5cHQuZGxsDQpuUHJvdGVjdCBLZXlDcnlwdCBEc ml2ZX
    HJvdGVjdCBLZXlDcnlwdCBEcml2ZXIgU3VwcG9ydCBEbGwNCjI wMDYs
    DQSBJbnRlcm5ldC4gMjAwMC0yMDA2DQpucGtjcnlwdC5kbGwNC jIwMD
    dJTkRPV1Ncc3lzdGVtMzJcU0hFTEwzMi5kbGwNCj4gQzpcV0lO RE9XU
    1xTeXN0ZW0zMlxXSU5TUE9PTC5EUlYNCj4gQzpcUHJvZ3JhbSB GaWxl
    c1xXaXpldFxNYXBsZVN0b3J5XG5wa3BkYi5kbGwNCm5Qcm90ZW N0IEt
    leUNyeXB0IFByb2dyYW0gRGF0YWJhc2UgRExMDQpJTkNBIElud GVybm
    V0IENvLiwgTHRkLg0KblByb3RlY3QgS2V5Q3J5cHQgUHJvZ3Jh bSBEY
    b3B5cmlnaHQgKEMpIElOQ0EgSW50ZXJuZXQuIDIwMDAtMjAwMw 0KbnB
    rcGRiLmRsbA0KNCwgMCwgMCwgMA0KblByb3RlY3QgS2V5Q3J5c HQgUH
    QVBJLmRsbA0KPiBDOlxXSU5ET1dTXFN5c3RlbTMyXHdzMl8zMi 5kbGw
    NCj4gQzpcV0lORE9XU1xTeXN0ZW0zMlxXUzJIRUxQLmRsbA0KP iBDOl
    1NcV2luU3hTXHg4Nl9NaWNyb3NvZnQuV2luZG93cy5Db21tb24 tQ29u
    dHJvbHNfNjU5NWI2NDE0NGNjZjFkZl82LjAuMC4wX3gtd3dfMT M4MmQ
    3MGFcY29tY3RsMzIuZGxsDQo+IEM6XFByb2dyYW0gRmlsZXNcV 2l6ZX
    RcTWFwbGVTdG9yeVxHYW1lR3VhcmRcbnBnZ05ULmRlcw0KblBy b3RlY
    3QgR2FtZUd1YXJkIE1vZHVsZQ0KSU5DQSBJbnRlcm5ldCBDby4 sIEx0
    ludGVybmV0DQpuUHJvdGVjdA0KbnBnZ05ULmRlcw0KMjAwNiwg NiwgM
    SU5ET1dTXHN5c3RlbTMyXHZlcnNpb24uZGxsDQo+IEM6XFdJTk RPV1N
    cU3lzdGVtMzJcd3NvY2szMi5kbGwNCj4gQzpcV0lORE9XU1xze XN0ZW
    0zMlx1eHRoZW1lLmRsbA0KPiBDOlxQcm9ncmFtIEZpbGVzXFhm aXJlX
    HhmaXJlX3RvdWNhbl8yMjg3Ni5kbGwNClhmaXJlIFRvdWNhbg0 KWGZp
    cmUgSW5jLg0KWGZpcmUgVG91Y2FuIERMTA0KMjI4NzYNCnhmaX JlX3R
    vdWNhbg0KQ29weXJpZ2h0IDIwMDMgWGZpcmUgSW5jLg0KeGZpc mVfdG
    91Y2FuLmRsbA0KMjI4NzYNClhmaXJlDQoNCj4gQzpcV0lORE9X U1xTe
    XGN0YWdlbnQuZGxsDQoNCkNyZWF0aXZlIFRlY2hub2xvZ3kgTH RkDQp
    jdGFnZW50DQoxLCAxLCAwLCAzDQpjdGFnZW50DQpDb3B5cmlna HQgqS
    AyMDAyDQpjdGFnZW50LmRsbA0KMSwgMSwgMCwgMw0KICBjdGFn ZW50D

    what does that mean? i click ok and nothing happens what do i do next?.. other then ok i can click copy test or submit report..

    hmm i checked the notes and compared the settings i figured out i didnt tick a couple of them .. i tried it and click the mush (1) again and nothing happen it just showed an hour glass for like 5 seconds o_O.. still confused
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    When u clicked the mush (1) and it showed the hour glass for 5 seconds..did anything come up afterwards?

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    yes.. the error popped up

    EDIT: Ohh!! its starting up maple now.. but i canceled the launch because i dont know what to do next i gotta read the tut. Thanks

    EDIT2: Wait.. is maple supposed to be in window mode? o_O cuz its not..
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    Let me ask a few questions:

    1] Are all your settings correct?

    2] Did maple work fine before?

    3] Does your computer have lots of extra ram?

    Also~If I can get nothing to work for you...i can send you the simplified version of Zenx explained in scenario 1. If you have aim,msn, or yahoo...we can talk on there.


    Oh ok. Now do this for me. Click the mush button 2 and tell me what programs come up.~
    It wont be in windowed mode until you right click and execute the top line in the DXWind program while gamegaurd is loading.(dont worry about this part yet)
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    Ok i got maple working guess wut? I GOT GODMODE !! I LOVE YOU'R TUTORIAL btw my aim sn is dxjoshxd

    EDIT: i put in the item vac cheat thingy but how do i vac the item? o_O
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    first off, thanks for writing this! we all have to start somewhere.
    my question is, how do i attach maple to Zenx when my game guard loads so fast that it's just a flash? there's no time to do anything, much less the steps in your guide.

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    wow..i wish my computer were that fast! Just attach it as fast as you can and most likely it will work. If the lines in your CT have ???'s then it didnt attach. should still work.

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    that's my problem, it's so fast that i literally can't do anything, i just see the gameguard box for a millisecond is there any other way? also, when you say
    What you do is when GameGaurd is loading you right click the top line and press execute.
    what top line do you mean?

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    how do u make the vac work?

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    Get something like zone alarm so it will warn you before GG starts oh yeah and good tut I'll try tomorrow..I'm thinking about getting real deep into hacking since I am getting real bored with being 62 and wanting to be 70 already..>.>..

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    you can press the mush button (2) and it loads up everything except let it all load up...then run maplestory...that way you might have more time..but then your gunna have to double click 0003450-maplestory.exe(2) or whatever it looks like in watch p as instructed in scenario 1(it only comes up if u use msbutton(2).

    Also tommorow i will be teaching how to:

    1] Run non windowed mode, but still use hacks

    2] use MSBot(because i think its better than mspro)

    Sorry but i gotta go to bed~ Ill check this thread in the morning so make sure to leave your posts.

    I saw a request for a vac.....use this(USE IT ON A SMALL MAP)

    Quote Originally Posted by shusulan View Post
    that's my problem, it's so fast that i literally can't do anything, i just see the gameguard box for a millisecond is there any other way? also, when you say what top line do you mean?

    In DXWnd theres 2 lines:

    CProgram Files\Wizet\MapleStory.exe

    when gamegaurd is loading....right click the top line(CProgram Files\Wizet\MapleStory.exe)
    and press execute. If your still confused leave another gunna help you guys till you dont need help. SO KEEP POSTING YOUR PROBLEMS and ill try to help you but now im going to bed! ill be back to check the thread in the morning. ~Thanx Guys, keem em comin. Manc.

    i saw a request for a vac..use this..cedits to wadwadwad of

    1. Add this pointer: Char X - 7625b8 offset 574
    2. Add this pointer: Char Y - 7625b8 offset 578
    3. Open up that site: hex converter
    4. Copy the value from CHAR X, and put it in the lower box in the site.
    5. Click DEC to HEX, and take the new value from the upper box.
    6. Go to this adress: 0065EF48, tick EAX, insert the value you've took from the site.
    7. Now take the value from the pointer CHAR Y.
    8. Go to the site, and put the value in the lower box. Click DEC to HEX.
    9. Take the new value from the upper box. Go to the adress: 0065EFAD, tick EAX, and put in the value.
    10. Now go ingame. WALLA! If you did right, you should see yourself at the spot you were at when you started preforming the CSEAX, but all of the monsters, NPCs and chars are on you! Happy attacking

    Ill explain tommorow. -goes to bed-
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