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Thread: Opengl32.dll - Removing Anti-Flash & Anti-Smoke

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    Opengl32.dll - Removing Anti-Flash & Anti-Smoke

    Hey guys!

    I was just wondering if it's possible to remove the "Anti-flash" and "Anti-smoke" function from a opengl32.dll file.

    This opengl32.dll has the functions:
    Aimbot (bind to mouse1/mouse2/mouse3)
    Aim at T & CT
    Anti-Flash & Anti-Smoke.

    But I just want to remove the Anti-flash & smoke. Is this possible?


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    Not without the "source" can you alter or edit features of a cheat.
    NOTE: opengl.dll's are a major way of getting yourself banned.
    [ www.cheat-project.com ]

    Quote Originally Posted by JAvEX View Post
    It's simple, if you're afraid of being VAC banned, Don't Cheat.
    It doesn't matter if you're using a public hack or even a private hack, if you cheat, you run the risk of getting banned.

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    yes its possible but not easy and you need to have a hack 2 injected to half-life.

    opengl32.dll injected(the one you uploaded)
    one hack more(this you need to made)

    and you need to inject both of them into half life.

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    Usually hacks come with anti smoke and flash...

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    how it work? with mouse1 this doesn't work!!!

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    How to work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dejanr96 View Post
    How to work?
    Put opengl32.dll to the same folder with hl.exe

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    tnx !
    wahahaha watta BIG MISTAKE

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