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Thread: [Release] cod4Hook Public

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    [Release] cod4Hook Public

    just leeded

    Here's a very toned down version of cod4Hook for you to try. It is not full featured, but gives you somewhat of an idea of what you're getting.

    Note: This public version of the hack is NOT PB proof

    Made for CoD4 v1.7
    Menu = INSERT Button

    Name ESP
    Level ESP
    Distance ESP
    Bounding Box ESP
    Enemy ESP Only Option
    2D Radar w/ Customizable Position
    Statistics Bar

    Automatic Aimbot
    Humanized Aimbot
    Adjustable Vectors
    Adjustable Human Aim FOV
    Adjustable Human Aim Value
    Choosable Aimpoint
    Choosable Aimkey
    Auto Shoot
    No Recoil


    Credits & Many Respect For Inspire


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    Can't download ;/

    You want to download the following file:

    http://rapidshare.com/files/14055094...ook.public.rar | 97 KB

    Currently a lot of users are downloading files. Please try again in 2 minutes or become a Premium member

    Please note, the server is not going to check again within the next 2 minutes if downloading is possible again. To provide a fair platform, all user get the same options. Your last attempt was 18 seconds ago.

    @ pls upload to another site
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    ^^There ya go:

    Haven't tried the hack. What's the use if it's not PB proof. So don't hold me responsible for any damages caused!

    I did scanned the files with Nod32, came out clean in that.

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    this looks good, but i'm going to wait for someone with more technical knowledge to check it out, just to be safe. and i would also advise that you wait until it is approved by a moderator before downloading it.

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    Analyzed the executable and appears to be safe (did more than a virus scan). Was released a while ago on nC actually:


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    yep, i said leet (copying)
    and nC is always safe...
    they know what they are doing...
    i'am trying to learn c++ now

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    Im sorry, getting kicked from all servers for 0 minutes with 81353(81354) PB restriction. Corrupted file/memory. Could someone help ?
    Last edited by xyeta2007; 25th September 2008 at 16:08.

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    I suggest it's detected: play on NON PB servers only
    I like hacks, but most of all : i want to use it also promoted to Little helper on the cod sections.
    Don't flame me for the bad english i wrote, i do the best i can
    And for the NEW coming members: READ THE FORUM RULES And read the FAQ

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    thank you it works great muhahaha

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    Excuse me please, how does *humanized aim* work ? And what should i set to shoot like an aimbot, but not an aimbot ? Thanks in advance.
    Last edited by xyeta2007; 27th September 2008 at 15:03.

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    Use your own observation skills to see what looks most un-robot-like. Quick snapping movements, perfect targeting, tracking palyers through walls, a ton of kills - all of these point to a non-humanized aimbot. Do the opposite in your humanized configuration.

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    Nah, u did not get me. I cant feel any diff between Humanize Aimbot 1 and 0

    Im extremely sorry, would you mind explaining me bit more extensive what do those settings affect on :

    - Human Value

    - Human Aimfov

    - Human Aimkey

    Would be very thankfull.
    Last edited by xyeta2007; 27th September 2008 at 17:15. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    These are guesses:

    Human Value - how "human-like" the bot is. Chances are, the greater the value, the more human-like.

    Human Aimfov - the field of view to aim in. Setting to 360 will give total aiming, and this is not human like. 180 is better, but still not human-like. Better off reducing it to 90 or so.

    Human Aimkey - hold down this key to active human-based aiming

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    Thanks for help.

    Crap... the problem is.. i cant see any differnce between humanized aim 1 or 0, human value 0.1 or 100.. If *mouse1* is left mouse button - when i press it, nothing happens. I just shoot like without any tool.
    Last edited by xyeta2007; 28th September 2008 at 08:23. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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