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Thread: How to connect to cracked cod4 servers?

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    How to connect to cracked cod4 servers?

    Hey there, i've bought a legit copy of call of duty 4 but my friend hasn't and he goes on cracked servers, whenever i try to join his servers i get timed out, and he told me to get a private server windows patch, so i did, changed my cd key to a generated one and when i connected to his server i got perm GUID PB banned.

    Am i doing it wrong?

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    Read the forum rules!!! Asking about private/cracked servers is not allowed here: NO support will be given with/for illegal activities .......
    So reinstall cod4 again, with legit key, and you should be fine.. Try in console ( ~ ) /connect ***.***.***.***:28960 for joining servers by ip address
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