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Thread: Garena Auto Joiner *Released*

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    Garena Auto Joiner *Released*

    Garena Auto-Joiner Release 3.3

    ************************************************** ***********


    *** You can minimize both the Auto-Joiner and Garena, while trying to join
    *** It won't touch your mouse, so you can freely surf the net, ot do something else
    *** It's automatically stops, when you've entered the room, and plays a short melody, so you will always know that you've entered.
    *** You can choose delay between clicks (basic delay is 1,1 seconds, so 'Server is offline' shouldn't appear. And you can't change it. So by choosing delay, you are just adding it to the basic one)
    *** Two modes: Mode 1 - for Original Garena, Mode 2 - for Hacked one. (Mode 1 still may contain bugs, so feel free to tell about them here)

    *** 'F2' hotkey - Initialize
    *** 'F3' hotkey - Start/Stop
    *** 'F4' hotkey - Hide
    *** 'F5' hotkey - Show

    ************************************************** ***********
    heres the link http://www.mediafire.com/?lyyylyj0yyo

    Coming Features:

    *** 1) Auto-Tunneler
    *** 2) Auto-Kicker
    *** Waiting for more suggestions!

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