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Thread: [Release] Snd.Bot v.2.0.0 Beta 1

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    [Release] Snd.Bot v2.0.0 Beta 1

    The bot I'm releasing now is still in BETA version, so I need you to test it to see what's wrong with it, and I'll soon be able to publish fully working version.

    Bot will give you some of the following features:
    -Reconnect if you get disconnected
    -Start GMO without browser
    -Timer with lots of features like Warp to maps, Say something, Change speed, etc...
    -Chat system - chat with other Snd Bot users
    -Advanced Bot types for each of classes
    -PVP PK tool (Auto-hold CTRL)
    -Built-in Combo bot
    -Built-in Nova bot
    -Advanced DL mouse movement
    -Isolate JEWEL sound
    -Drop items
    -Repair items
    -Pause Bot while chatting in "whisper" mode (normal chat, whisper, guild, party chat...)

    edit: rename tablet.exe to xpadder.exe if you are GMO player

    Please read "ReadMe.txt" file first! before you post any of your questions. Thank you.

    Some of bot's Screen Shots

    If you have Vista or Windows7 run the bot as administrator (right click on tablet.exe file and click "run as administrator")

    Important notice: Disconnect option requires your password in order to connect to server so USE ON YOUR OWN RISK, I don't want to be blamed for hacking you if you get hacked (which you may by using some other tools, and not Snd.Bot). And if you don't trust me, just don't use that feature.

    beta 1.1: fixed drop items check for empty field (sill works only for window mode), fixed Nova bot delay, fixed time intervals for virtual mode (running game with /v in virtual box), and it will check if the chat window is open before sending text.
    beta 1.2: added support to "start mu" button and disconnect option for other servers beside GMO (read bottom of ReadMe.txt file), added ability to set your own color tolerance for pixel detection of items to drop in inventory (change value "DropColorTolerance", section "[Misc]", of the \Data\SndBot2.ini file - if you can't see this key, delete SndBot2.ini file and run bot again, or add key manually), fixed some minor bugs
    beta 1.3: added ability for EE to buff AutoParty spot with defense buff, added ability to buff other location instead of PT members location only (for EE), added ability to set delay for pixel detection (for ppl who have lags with detecting pixel colors, read ReadMe.txt file "about Options tab" section for details), fixed bug for not hitting when main skill delay = 0, also added new hotkeys: F4 = it will filter chat (so you see only guild chat, party and whisper - useful for server1 market), F5 = filter off
    beta 1.4: You can uncheck/check main afk skill for BK/SM now (if you uncheck all skills and use sm/bk bot type then bot will only send SPACE - useful for CC). You can reposition your inventory with hotkey Shift+F6 (more details in ReadMe.txt), you can setup drop items position with hotkey Shift+F7, you can setup autoparty position with hotkey Shift+F8. Timer input time changed and adjusted to users with 12h system as well. Fixed "pixel detection color lag" for Vista/Windows7, fixed minor bugs (such as position coordinates for DP - EE, color detection tolerance and similar). Also if you have lag while clearing inventory, and then bot "miss" click on item, then edit file \Data\SndBot2.ini, section "Misc", key: "RepairDropClickDelay", "400", bigger number = longer click (and less chance to "skip" click)
    beta 1.5: Added ability to double check if you have taken item in hand while dropping (to reduce chance of clicking into map without item, but reduce the speed of dropping item) which can be activated through main ini file (read readme.txt), Added ability to perform skill in between dropping each item, added "infinite" repeat time to timer, faster typing text, added detection of "full server" (has not been tested yet), forcing to run as administrator in vista/windows 7, fixed some minor bugs
    beta 1.6: Thanks to LearningDelphi, bot is now able to use regular GetPixel function, so pixel color detection is MUCH faster, and more precise. Added 6th PT member for elf. Can send F6 if someone added u as friend before u drop items. Ignore large mana potions drop. IF main afk skill for SM/BK is 0 then hold mouse instead of click. Chaotic movement for DL. No more window flickering. Instant bot stop (even if mouse is moving). Faster DC detection. You can use reconnect and drop even in fullscreen now.
    beta 1.61: Had to make small changed to the previous bot, cuz some parts didn't work properly, now everything is working fine, and I added few stuff like: Capturing mouse (for dynamic bot types to client, and for static bot types to 1 spot) - which can be turned off if u want through ini file, and you can now choose which items u wanna repair (read readme.txt file) - change edit \Data\SndBot2.ini file, "[Misc]" section, key: "Repair items", and remove ones you don't want to be repaired. The numbers stands for: 1-Helm, 2-Wings, 3-Weapon, 4-Armor, 5-Shield, 6-Gloves, 7-Pants, 8-Boots, 9-Pendant, 10-Left Ring, 11-Right Ring (must be separated with ";" example: 1;2;3;5;6;8)
    beta 1.62: Another small update, the bot had issues with chatting ingame, if you didn't had bot running, and you started, and finished chat, the bot was stuck on one spot or client area - now it is fixed, and the timer didn't worked. Also added ability to change hotkeys yourself (file: \data\hotkeys.ini), and Bot can now drink HP pots when HP bellow 33% (You can change this in the main INI file). Also waiting time for START GAME on launcher is increased to 5 min, for updates after maintenance
    beta 1.7: The issue of having to click F10 again to enable mouse is now fixed. Added new gui window with additional setups in the Options tab > Additional setup. Bot will now check if inventory is opened or closed before continuing with work. You can set the hotkeys to force drop or repair, so you may test if this feature is working properly for you. Bot will remember which items can't be dropped until you stop bot (- until you press F10)
    beta 1.72: In the additional setup (options tab) you can now set the bot to switch skill according to your AG. You can set the bot to check if Mu is no longer active window and activate it. Added the ability to visually reduce mouse movements in DL/AE bots on "R" button, and fixed some minor bugs.
    beta 1.8: More sound isolations. Fixed mouse bug. You can add more colors to ignore during dropping items. Slightly faster drop (in Vista/Win7 disable AERO for fastest drop). Password can accept more characters. SM skills have interval limit of 9999 seconds now. 0 in timer = infinite. Fixed AE bug (it's now holding mouse). EE will def buff+heal herself after each dropped item.
    beta 1.81: You can set the hotkey to detect color of first checked item so you can add it into "non droppable items", you can adjust delay between combos in main ini file (more in ReadMe, BK section), StrID is no longer required if private server, Hotkeys are loaded instantly (not required to reset bot anymore if you change them), added "switch character" to the timer, added "activate: check 4 DC" to the timer, GUI for macro interval, fixed nova+other skills bug, fixed repair bug.
    beta 1.82: Different check if inventory is open than before. If it still open 2-3 times and not repairing/dropping then you can disable "detect inventory" in Additional setup (Options tab). DL bot reduce mouse can now be applied for 2 axes separately (x and y). Fixed drop and bk skills bug from previous version.
    also, check the virustotal link before you start flaming "my AV say it has virus!!!"
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    Wow ! Lord of Destiny Like_A_God's Avatar
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    8th Aug 2005
    omg its the ost featured bot we have for free
    good work sandin.

    waiting approval
    Keep Hacking... Johnnie Walker

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    Damn, waiting for approval : )

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    Moderator Dark God Misha's Avatar
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    at your mom's place
    Approved, use at your own risk.

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    autoit so thats why we have false positive
    ==WARNING== MuProxy is a scam by Kamil. Do not buy it or use it. If you have used it already delete files from your computer and change your account information ASAP or you will be hacked and all your characters deleted (no matter what lvl they are).==WARNING==

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    hmm is there away to add repot or sell items,?
    ont he bot,, also
    pickup only jewels and excellent items?

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    Is there any whay to change color detection?
    'Cause it isnt working for me. Mouse cliks even if there arent any item in inventory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kings908 View Post
    hmm is there away to add repot or sell items,?
    ont he bot,, also
    pickup only jewels and excellent items?
    I use macro for advertising my items in the market server, but you can setup bot for example AFK in server1, Atlans3, and then setup timer to teleport you to Lorencia after a while (example 3 hours), and switch bot to MACRO and then you can sell your items, but there is NO WAY to setup bot to pickup only jewels or exc. items. It doesn't read packets, and that's why it can't pickup certain items. Same goes for repot, in order to perform repot bot must be able to read in-game coordinates, which requires packet readings again.

    (P.S. It IS possible to make a bot (IN AutoIT) that will capture coordinate pictures, convert them into strings using OCR technology, and scan MU pictures each second to detect exc. green color on the screen, but it would make any bot VERY SLOOOOOOOOOW).

    Quote Originally Posted by oiiiiiiiiii View Post
    Is there any whay to change color detection?
    'Cause it isnt working for me. Mouse cliks even if there arent any item in inventory.
    what resolution, and which mode are you playing in (window or fullscreen), and can you send me ScreenShoot of your MU window with inventory opened?
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    Using 1024X768, Full Screen(But with travis minimizer on)

    The inventory image:

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    Thank you for noticing that, I did forget to add window borders to the pixel check coordinates, now everything is fine, beta 1.1 released.

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    Nice, waiting for approval

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    Very nice bro congratz...
    but i cant connect from your bot and i have a problen
    when i use in my sm, i put in evil spirit and when he change for expansion of wizardry he dont back for evil =|

    *sry for bad english ^^

    good job bro
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    yeah, I forgot to add the line to return to main afk skill, thank you for pointing that out, beta 1.1 should work properly now.
    I don't think you can get any sound from minimized window... You can test this by running game with enabled sound and music, and then minimize it, if you hear sounds from minimized game then you'll be able to hear jewel drop as well...

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    its working fine thnxz bro

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