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Thread: SAMP Hacks [Sobeit]

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    Talking SAMP Hacks [Sobeit]

    I take absolutely NO credit for this. It was shared to me when i became an admin on a SAMP server.

    This pretty much has anything you could ask for.

    If you need help figuring out/rebinding hotkeys check the config, Its all there.


    EDIT: I've updated the attached file to the newest version and I've added the changelog to this post if anyone gives a shit. Enjoy.

    * Support for SA-MP 0.3a.
    * Fixed so many things that it's retarded to list them here.
    * Added menu to add upgrades (Wangs/etc) to your vehicle anywhere.
    * Added toggleable infinite NOS. Default: Numpad 0
    * Added SpiderWheels, drive on anything! Default: Numpad 5
    * Added toggleable vehicle collisions except for your vehicle.
    * Added left & right 90 degree buttons to Quick Turn. Default: [ and ]
    * Added option in menu (GTA->Misc) to toggle windowed mode.
    * Added Nitro/Brake & 180 degree quick turn ability to trains.
    completely reworked window mode menu function
    fix possible startup world-load hang
    fix possible startup worldload hang
    make jumper work better with collision removal
    instant jumper to player vehicle doesn't work from menu
    teleport to interior shouldn't show up in basic mode
    * Final version for SA:MP v0.2.XU1_2 & U:MP vT3
    * Added our new "AirRide ESP" to m0d's player ESP which prevents ESP collisions
    so you can always see everyone's name easily. No more jumble-fudge of names.
    * Added "esp_players_airride" to the INI, to turn that on or off.
    * Added "screenshot_clean" to the INI, takes screenshots without m0d's GUI/ESP.
    * Fixed failures on custom screenshot.
    * Added "Teleports -> Teleport to interior" and removed "SA:MP Misc -> Change interior".
    * Lag-free screenshots (screenshot_enable, key_screenshot, jpg_quality, jpg_chrominancetable, jpg_luminancetable).
    * Changed the font size and ESP stuff.
    * Added option to enable/disable clouds.
    * Added mouse_4 and mouse_5 keybinds.
    * Fixed spectator mode bug.
    * Removed the hook version.
    * Fixes to the windowed mode.
    * Support for GTA:U-MP.
    * Added option "Weapons -> Randomize the ammo values".
    * Added ingame vehicle handling (Cheats -> Change vehicle handling).
    * Added key_respawn.
    * Added SA:MP Misc -> Change interior.
    * Randomize ammo values for each weapon.
    * Readded custom sendrates and init screen.
    * Added car jacking prevention (should put you back to the vehicle you were in) (anti_carjacking).
    * Added toggleable GUI from the menu (Misc -> Toggle HUD indicators).
    * Added text in dynamic teleport locations if they are set.
    * Added Set(Vehicle|Player)Health hook to make invulnerability harder to detect.
    * Added delay before rejoining or joining a server (rejoin_delay).
    * Added server password field to the favorite server list.
    * Added SA:MP Misc. -> Teleport to object & pickup.
    * Added text in objects and pickups (shows server ID and model ID).
    * Added Patches:
    Cars hover over water, NOP ShowGameText, NOP ShowTextDraw, NOP SetPlayerCameraPos,
    NOP SetPlayerCameraLookAt, NOP SetCameraBehindPlayer, NOP SetPlayerFacingAngle
    NOP GivePlayerWeapon, NOP TogglePlayerSpectating, Don't notify vehicle enter/exits,
    NOP SetVehicleParamsForPlayer.
    * Fixed a malformed position exploit.
    * Fixed default SA:MP player tags and it now uses default settings.
    * Fixed engine toggleing, it now works with Inv enabled.
    * INI: spec_data, read the note above.
    * INI: use_gta_autoaim.
    * Fix for menu and loading screen flickering on some video cards (flickering_problem).
    * Readded the custom autoaim.
    * Improved ESP layout.
    * Added default ESP states for INI (esp_vehicles_defaulton, esp_players_defaulton).
    * Fixes to Jumper vehicle teleporting.
    * Added a hook version with injector.
    * Fixes to the spectator mode.
    * Custom player and vehicle tags (key_render_player_tags, key_render_vehicle_tags).
    * Chat keybinder (chat[]).
    * Text shadows (render_text_shadows).
    * Keep the nickname when connecting with the favorite list (use_current_name).
    * GUI settings format (gui[]).
    * m0d_s0beit_sa_all.log contains logs of all sessions and m0d_s0beit_sa.log contains logs of the last session.
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    can this be for samp 0.3?
    mtasux is down for so long now, cant find any working hax for samp 0.3

    Last edited by 101cmlongbngo; 24th February 2010 at 19:20.

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    Yes, It is indeed working very well for 0.3.


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    Is this virus ???

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    Disregard the suspicious insight, it's just a false positive.

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    you can use sobeit mode after you set .... what??

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    wait why when i start this is just a blank screen?!

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    The stick doesn't work, I know it was disabled in the beginning, I gave it some new hotkeys, and it doesn't work. TELL ME WHY. Fix it too.

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    how do we use it?

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    Crashes everytime i try the weapons hack on everys erver.
    Also crashes when i try to full my health and armor.
    lots of its options doesnt work.
    crashes like ****.

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    i set it 2 true but i can't save it >.>

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    Hello? Guys? How to Teleporte to a Pickup/Object Can you tell me?

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    its not working

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