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Thread: [Release] SolidProxy S5/S6 - Multi-Protocol - Version 1.22

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    [Release] SolidProxy S5/S6 - Multi-Protocol - Version 1.22

    So, after my first thread was closed due to some idiots, I had to start a new one.

    SolidProxy Season 5/6 - Multi-Protocol

    - Autokill (2 Modes: Mob-by-Mob or parallel), supports master skills
    - Autobuff (Elf, Soul Barrier), supports master skills
    - Teleport
    - fully customizable maps by changing *.att files, and color settings
    - AutoTeleport
    - AutoPickup with a very dynamic item filter
    - Anti-DC (Ignore Animation, Dmg and Skill Packets)
    - Auto Repair
    - Auto Drink HP / Mana
    - Guard Spot
    - Agility Hack
    - Skill Hack
    - Monster Magnet
    - Auto Party by whisper
    - Combo Hack
    - Player Meet Events (Disconnect, Warp, Pause Autokill, no teleport pickup)
    - Death Events with custom action list
    - Exp Statistics
    - Packet Log with alot filter capabilites
    - Packet Sender with some kind of scripting capability(variables) and auto send
    - Auto List all Items of player shops
    - Background Auto Reconnect (tested on GMO, not working on some private servers)

    Powerful customization capabilites for experienced users:
    - Support of any Protocol
    - Packet Rules
    - Hotkeys
    - Xor32 Encryption Key
    - Main.exe Checksum Bypass (By function or checksum.dat)
    - Main.exe Version / Serial configurable (you can use another main.exe, for example if you found a clean one without hack protection)
    - Skill Packet Templates
    - Customizable Skill IDs

    SolidProxy SDK for .NET Developers:
    - Write your own extensions for SolidProxy. There are almost no limits.

    System Requirements:
    Windows with .NET Framework 3.5 (Client Profile)
    (unsupported: Linux with Mono and windows forms package; not all is working with it due to some GUI issues)

    Read before PMing me or replying to this thread:
    - Begging is ignored, and forbidden by forum rules.
    - Only post if really something isn't working. For example, some guys posted that ignore mana/ag "isn't working". In fact, it did "work", but most servers do ignore the packets.
    - If you have problems and want receive help, post as much details as possible. To post that something "doesn't work", will be ignored by me, except it is an obvious error.
    - Read the FAQ before posting. Alot of questions already have been answered.
    - SolidProxy doesnīt explicitly include a bypass for any Anti-Hack program, donīt ask for it. I will ignore such requests. However i didn't put in any limitations, so feel free to use it on any Server you want.
    - Crying about that it is detected by a gameguard is ignored and maybe will make you banned
    - Asking for hack/packet to dc other players = autoban
    - Any further requests like "c0da, have new version for ex700 gmo?" will result in ban!!! If there is a new version, it will be on first page.

    - Added Skills: Evil Spirit, Flame, Hellfire, Triple Shot (Tested in gmo, Season 6 only)
    - Added Option: Disable Spot Guard after Death
    - Added Button to put current coords to spot guard
    - Guard will drink now potions from extended inventory
    - Added Reload Arrow Feature
    - Fixed Shopping-Feature, optimized in speed.
    - Fixed Spot Guard timer
    - Removed Safezone of Chaos Castle map.
    1.21.1 Hotfix
    - Fixed protocol bug (if protocol other than ENG is used)
    - Added Option "Don't send when..." to packet sender
    - Added Context Menu to packet sender, to add more packet senders :)
    - Added extended Maps of Season 6
    - Added 'Active'-column to Autopick
    - Added button to detect local IP-Address
    - Fixed Safezone-State which caused skills were sent in safezone, and sometimes not send when your not in safezone
    - Fixed possible bug when sending more than 1 packet in autokill or packet sender
    1.20.4 Hotfix
    - Fixed Guard Spot function
    - Fixed Auto Drink HP/Mana (really ;))
    1.20.3 Hotfix
    - Fixed Autobuff Delay
    - Fixed Auto Drink HP/Mana
    - Added some items to the ItemNames.txt
    - Updated Packet Pattern Help Text
    - Fixed removing of items in the pickup list
    - Fixed Protocols
    - Fixed Auto-Reconnect (no more closing mu or disconnect dialog when dc packet gets received from server)
    - Almost completely rewritten SolidProxy under the hood (so report bugs pls )
    - Added Plugin-Support and SDK (only for programmers)
    - Added Auto Reconnect
    - Added Connection Server Emulator
    - Added Skill Packet Templates (you can change the skill packets, if the standard doesn't work for you. if you have questions, ask)
    - Added Soul Barrier Autobuff
    - Sending no more attacks and buffs in safezone, now by default
    - Added Pickup of all items of an item group
    - Added Walk-By pickup (item will be picked up, when you come close enough to it)
    - Added negation of elements in the Packet Rules Pattern (use "!" infront of a single value, list, or range element)
    - Added PacketLog FIlter by packet pattern
    - Added rule-file to block annoying Gens-Chat
    - Fixed normal hit autokill mode 2
    - Alot other improvements which i forgot
    Evolver - C3 EncDec
    paulo94 - C3 EncDec Port to C# (buggy one )
    Deathway - Main Checksum Algorithm
    Mumpfi3k - helped me when i was nab
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    Question 0: Send me xyz / Do for me xyz / Does it work on xyz server?
    - I don't supply any anti hack bypass
    - I don't crack main.exe's for you
    - I don't care if it runs on your server, I won't test it for you. The most problems are by wrong protocol settings.

    Question 1: Teleport and Pickup doesnīt work, please fix it!
    You probably selected the wrong Protocol, or your Server is using a custom one.
    Question 2: I want to use Main.exe Version Bypass. I found out the Version String of my main.exe with Hex-Editor. How do i translate this into the Hex-Format, which is needed for the Proxy? The String is '2267<'
    You need to get the ASCII-Values in Hex for this characters first.
    2 = 32
    2 = 32
    6 = 36
    7 = 37
    < = 3C

    Then subtract 1 to 5 from the HEX-Numbers
    32 - 1 = 31
    32 - 2 = 30
    36 - 3 = 33
    37 - 4 = 33
    3C - 5 = 37

    so if you need to bypass the version, type this into the Textbox: 31 30 33 33 37
    Question 3: Can you give me a Picture where to put the IPs??
    Question 4: Do i need Main.exe Bypass and how does Main.Exe Bypass work?
    Usually you don't need this Bypass if you ask this Question. It's for experienced Users. However here is some explaination:
    Checksum Bypass:
    Function mode:You put the original main.exe (new S5 Versions: use the gameguard.csr and rename it to main.exe) into the proxy folder. Proxy will calculate checksum by a function.
    Checksum.dat: You have a Checksum.dat file with the correct checksums in the proxy folder. This is usefull if the built-in Function doesn't work and you have a checksum.dat.

    Version Bypass
    You set the Version of your main.exe. The Proxy is automatically detecting the Version which the Server expects, but it needs the Version of your main.exe to tell your Client the Version is the right one. Follow the format described at the Info Popup.

    Serial Bypass
    You set the Serial of your main.exe which the Server will expect (means the Serial of the original main.exe). Follow the format described at the Info Popup here too.
    Question 5: How does Combo Hack work?
    When activated, everytime you do weapon skill on a Monster or Player, the proxy will complete the combo by sending the packets for the configured Skills. So all you need to do is weapon skill all the time to pwn everyone!
    Question 6: How to customize Protocols.txt?
    Question 7: Can you give example how to use Packet Rules?
    For example AG-Hack: http://img35.imageshack.us/i/aghack.png/
    Combo Hack with Master Stab and Rageful Blow lvl5: http://img26.imageshack.us/i/mastercombo.png/
    God Mode(not working in gmo): http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/7924/godmode.png HowTo: Login and choose a char. Activate the rule before you will click on select char, and voila u stay in game and mobs not hit u.
    Anti Ragefighter DC: http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/6789/antiragedc.png
    Question 8: What i need to do to run it on Season 6 GMO?
    Here is a picture of my setup: http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/2...proxyingmo.png
    Add the highlighted line to the hosts file (path of it: look at the top). You can start mu now as usual by the website, but with activated proxy.
    Question 9:
    Is it Possible to add Any Skill in Auto Kill ?
    Do you have Guide how to Change it?
    Yes you can add skills, but only the simple ones, which need only 0x19 or 0x1E packets. Skills like Evil Spirit for example will only eat your mana, but wont do any damage, because they need extra packets.
    It seems pretty easy to add skill to the xml file from my perspective. The only thing you need to consider is, that all values are in decimal, not in hexadecimal.
    The Type-Element tells if the skill is sent as 0x19(25 in decimal) or 0x1E(30 in decimal) packet.
    The IDs you can easily sniff by filtering 0x19 and 0x1E packets... Example:
    When you do your skill, your client sends this to the server:
    C3 07 19 02 43 08 20
    The 02 43 in decimal is 579. So you add this to the xml file:

    <Name>Example Skill</Name>

    If a skill got more than 1 possible ID, like skills from skilltree, you can group them together, by adding just another Definition-Element. SolidProxy will then pick the first which is available(green).
    Question 10:
    How do packet templates work?
    First, let me explain how normal (webzen gmo default) skill packets look like:

    C3 07 19 [SkillIdHigh] [SkillIdLow] [TargetIdHigh] [TargetIdLow]

    for example, you want to attack with Fireburst Skill, which got the Id 61 (decimal), which is 0x003D in hexadecimal. In the packet all values are in hex.

    So, now you want to attack the monster with the id 1234 (decimal) which is 0x04D2 in hex.

    With this 2 informations the attack packet can be generated:

    C3 07 19 00 3D 04 D2

    However, some private servers (for example IGCN Season 6), use modified packets. They look like this:
    C3 08 19 [SkillIdHigh] [SkillIdLow] 00 [TargetIdHigh] [TargetIdLow]

    As you can see, they inserted a 00 between the SkillId and the TargetId.

    If you want to use any Skills (attack, buff) on this server, a packet template can be defined. The index is 0-based, and tells where the specific number starts. At the moment only High-Low byte-order is supported.

    For this specific case it is:
    C3 08 19 00 00 00 00 00
    SkillId: 3
    TargetId: 6

    Btw, if you don't need a specific number in your packet, just set the index very high (255) or greater than the length of the packet pattern.

    For the 0x1E-Packets its pretty similar, just that X and Y coordinates are added.

    To continue our example (IGCN Season 6), the settings for this servers are:
    C3 0D 1E [X] [Y] [SkillIdHigh] [SkillIdLow] 00 00 00 00 [TargetIdHigh] [TargetIdLow]
    The indexes:
    X: 3
    Y: 4
    SkillId: 5
    TargetId: 11

    Please note, that in the moment you can't make the autokill compatible with season 2, since there the skillIds are only 1-byte numbers. The packets of meet monsters and players are also different, so don't even try it.
    Question 11: I'm too stupid to read, how did it work on gmo(until season 6.3)????
    Quote Originally Posted by bankotsuBR View Post
    lol, guys they are really kidding ?? its so easy

    ------------ 1 STEP -----------------

    * Go to CMD, Type IPCONFIG and than catch you IPV4 IP (if you use router, probably something like 192.168.x.xxx)
    if not, its your internet ip (www.myip.com)

    ------------ 2 STEP ---------------

    * Go to C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc

    and than open the file HOSTS (probably its READ ONLY, so change this in properties)

    in the last line above the last #xxxxxxxx

    add this -> (your ip that you took from the FIRST STEP) connect.muonline.webzen.com


    #blahblahb localhost or other things
    #blabhblahblah connect.muonline.webzen.com

    THAN SAVE and MARK AS READ ONLY AGAIN (security, not necessary)

    --------- 3 STEP ----------------

    download the SolidProxy, in Local Proxy Server, IP, add the ip you took from the 1 STEP

    --------- 4 STEP ----------------

    PRESS START PROXY (yes only this you have to change for the connection, nothing more)

    -------- 5 STEP -----------------





    in Cheat(Tab autokill), ONLY USE THE FIRST OPTION "Active Mode 1" (yes you can use another, but you have to decrease the Hits sent at once)

    put your mind, that you cant send more than 10 Hits per 1000Ms (1second)

    so use like 1 Hit and 100 delay
    or 5 Hits and 500 delay

    or 10 hits and 1000 delay

    ONLY THIS, NO USE more than 10 (DONT USE MORE THAN 10)

    and jesus christ everything is on the first page, they are kidding -_-


    you read? DONT USE SPEED HACK!


    you read this too?


    ok, after all you cant connect?

    DON'T USE HACKS -.-'

    sorry bad english ^^
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    Ag hack rule work fine, thx.
    Mana hack? can u tell me?
    And.. hp hack? no autopot...real hp rule hack


    mana hack: C1 08 27 FF FF FF {6} {7}
    looking for hp hack now
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    Quote Originally Posted by nokia68200 View Post
    Ag hack rule work fine, thx.
    Mana hack? can u tell me?
    And.. hp hack? no autopot...real hp rule hack


    mana hack: C1 08 27 FF FF FF {6} {7}
    looking for hp hack now
    doubt that work.. cuz server keep trace of ur hp/mp (as i know) but...

    C1 len 27 = mana client update
    C1 len 26 = HP client update

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    Nice to see your new topic. C0da;
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    File approved.

    Next person to post "mod approve" or something similar gets banned for the next 1700 years.

    I closed the other thread due to an extreme amount of stupidity, begging, etc.


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    i just notice using latest SP, exp from mob is display earlier before the mob killed.

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    It is not working with GMO.
    Or maybe im doing something wrong
    i also customized the HOST file

    (start proxy then i lunch GMO)
    when the start game windows appears, should i press start on the GMO window or on the SOLIDPROXY window?

    if i press on the solidproxy window i get the message saying TEH MAIN CLIENT IS ONLY LOADED THROUGH THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE...) what should i do?

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    Molten WoW :)
    chocate, have you looked in the closed thread for SolidProxy? You might find clues there. Just a suggestion.

    Just throwing in also, in case people miss it, that I have designed 2 addons for SolidProxy. The links are in my signature.
    My coding might be sloppy, but the programs work!
    SolidProxy Assistant
    SolidProxy Packet Analyser

    Please note: Due to not playing MU anymore, I am no longer making improvements on the above-mentioned addons for SolidProxy.

    If you are reading this you probably read my post.

    So... HI! And thanks for reading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by team000000 View Post
    It is not working with Mu Thailand S6


    C0da Please Help me
    Can't you atleast provide some more basic information other than "nPorject"?

    Thread stickied.

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    it is not working on winxp.

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    Thanks, you made a good job!

    Only the shooping is not working here (MU GLOBAL), any ideia why?

    Quote Originally Posted by anhkhoibg View Post
    it is not working on winxp.
    im using winxp sp2, works fine. You need to update your .NET Framework

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    Quote Originally Posted by chocate View Post
    It is not working with GMO.
    Or maybe im doing something wrong
    i also customized the HOST file

    (start proxy then i lunch GMO)
    when the start game windows appears, should i press start on the GMO window or on the SOLIDPROXY window?

    if i press on the solidproxy window i get the message saying TEH MAIN CLIENT IS ONLY LOADED THROUGH THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE...) what should i do?
    Follow the guide and all will work... how often i wrote to not use the built-in launcher, and people still do it. START IT BY WEBSITE.

    Quote Originally Posted by team000000 View Post
    It is not working with Mu Thailand S6


    C0da Please Help me
    no, and stop spamming about it.

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    Yes thank you i fix it

    instead of putting the IP address of the server that teh CMD command tell me
    i just used this one

    it works fine with all the Valhalla servers

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    thanks for your good work C0da, the program work very good, if exist a code or a method for god mode?if you can share yours rulefile with some packet(for example hp agi mana and other packet)?thanks
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