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Thread: Eligium skill trainer

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    Lightbulb Eligium skill trainer

    The game: Eligium: The Chosen One F2P

    It's a pretty grindy Asian MORPG game, but then has a lot of fun and unique features. Automatic click and path over word/zone maps and for quests.
    Daily events and quests, etc., that make it fun.
    It's F2P with a future an item mall.

    Skill trainer

    One feature of this game is that your skill levels increase by use.
    The more you use it the level is increased up to a certain limit, and, or, a Avatar level limit.

    So just playing and using your skills will raise them.
    You can also train them individually to maximize their potential.

    I made this handy little MacroMonkey macro script w/UI to help train these skills up.

    Screen shot:
    Trainer screen shot

    It's pretty basic:
    You just set it up to press your skill keys on the game hotbar and type the cooldown time from the said skill descriptions.
    You'll also want to setup a periodic MP pot use key ('F2' in this example) and tweak it's cooldown/wait time for somewhere around 30 sec to a few minutes depending on how fast you burn up mana vs the strength of your MP pots.
    The tricky setup is using the "Enable mouse clicks" option to train mouse targetable (typically AOE) skills.

    Detailed instructions are located at the top of the attached "Eligium_Skill_Trainer.mms" file; use notepad or something better to read it.
    You'll need my script/macro system from here MacroMonkey Automation - Macro - Bot - Scripting system.

    How I like to set it up: Client in 1024x768 windowed mode, with the trainer on the right side:
    Client w/trainer screen shot

    The game does have an anti-cheat system but so far it's it's not looking for MM.
    And after all this is a pretty harmless macro, not a bot or hack.
    At any rate use at your own risk. You take all responsibility and liability for using, and, or, possessing this script et al.

    So I only need to update one place, periodically check any updates: MM "Eligium skill trainer" forum.

    >>> Download <<
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