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Thread: god mode enemy territory

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    god mode enemy territory

    hey, anyone know how to "enable cheats" in an enemy territory server?

    I've been doing all the normal "quake 3" cheats in console and in the .cfg's but with no luck. I work for a local ISP and want to set up a server where you can bring down the console and type "/god" and be granted god mode.

    I know this sounds retarded to some of you, but wouldn't you have a good laugh if you just wandered aimlessly into a server and could /god and clean house on unsuspecting people?

    I know how to set the server up with map rotations and exp saves, I just don't know how to set it up so that when you type /god it doesn't return with "cheats are not enabled on this server" or "cheats are read only"
    I cheat, therefore I win.

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    Enabling cheats

    Cheats are very useful if you just want to play a map by yourself. For example, if you are practicing your jumping skills and you want to be able to sprint forever without running out of stamina, there's actually a cheat that lets you do that.

    The first thing you have to do is start your own server, so go to "Host Game" and start up a server on some map (doesn't matter which map). Then once it loads, go to the console and type:

    /devmap <mapname>

    For <mapname>, it's whatever map you want to play. For example if the name of the map you want to play is goldrush, then you will say:

    /devmap goldrush

    This loads the goldrush map, with cheats enabled. If you get some error message saying it can't load the map because of g_gametype or something like that, then try running these 2 commands before you run the devmap command:

    /sv_pure 0
    /g_gametype 2

    So once the map is loaded with devmap, you can start going into the console and enabling some cheats. Here is a list of some cheats you can do:

    * /give ammo
    -Gives you a shitload of ammo, like 9999 rounds + 15 grenades.

    * /give skill X
    -Increases a specific skill by 20 XP. The values you can use for X are:
    0- Battle sense
    1- Engineering
    2- First aid
    3- Signals
    4- Light weapons
    5- Heavy weapons
    6- Covert ops

    * /give skill
    -If you use the give skill command without a number after it, it will just add 1 skill point to all of your skills areas (heavy weapons, first aid, etc.)

    * /give health
    -Pops you back to full health

    * /god
    -Toggles god mode. In god mode, you can't get hurt.

    * /nofatigue
    -Toggles nofatigue. If you enable nofatigue, then you can sprint as much as you want without ever running out of stamina. Your stamina bar will drain as if you've run out of stamina, but don't worry, you actually still have full stamina.

    * /noclip
    -Basically turns you into a spectator. The only difference with "actual" spectator mode is that now you can go through solid objects and walls. You can even float around underground and look up at the map, it's very freaky =^o

    * /cg_thirdperson 1
    -This will let you play in 3rd person, so you can see yourself running around and stuff. It's kind of neat to watch, although it sucks because then you can't see your crosshair any longer

    * /cg_thirdpersonangle X
    -Lets you view yourself from a different angle. X is in degrees. If you want to go back to the original angle, just use the reset command.

    * /cg_marktime 1000000
    -Makes bullet marks take forever to disappear. Useful if you want to test the spread of weapons or something like that.

    * /g_debugbullets 1
    -This one is pretty sweet. It draws red lines to indicate where all your bullets went. I tried doing this to test the accuracy of the FG42 at far range and it was pretty amazing to see how horrible the accuracy really is.
    -Another thing you can use this is for shooting practice. As an example, I tried circle strafing around a palm tree on Oasis and tried to hit the tree as accurately as I could, firing all 20 rounds of my FG42 clip. As you can see in the picture below, g_debugbullets allowed me to see exactly how many bullets hit the tree and how many missed. From the picture, it looks like I missed about 5 shots.

    I suppose another thing you could do for circle-strafing practice is launch 2 instances of ET, then make 2 players join- 1 axis, 1 ally. Make one of them go into /god mode (so he can't get hurt). Then practice circle-strafing around him and shooting him in the face and see how good of an accuracy you can get.

    Bah. Or you could just strafe around a point on the wall :p

    Here are some other commands which can be run on any server so aren't exactly cheat commands, but still pretty cool:

    * /set g_gravity X
    -Lets you set gravity to some crazy value. Smaller gravity lets you jump around like you're on the moon.
    -To reset, just use the reset command (/reset g_gravity).

    * /set g_speed X
    -Lets you change the player movement speed.

    * /dir maps
    -If you want to use the "devmap" command, but you're not sure what the official name of the map is, use this command to get a listing of the maps. For example, once I wanted to run the "Ice" map, but it turned out the actual pk3 file is called "et_ice".

    * /cmdlist
    -Gets a list of all possible scripting commands in ET. Don't trust this list 100% though, I think it includes some leftovers from RTCW that actually don't work any more in ET.

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    yeah what he said

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    omg, that was the EXACT reply I was looking for boo! I'm just curious, where on the net did you dig up all this info? I must have spent at least two weeks all over yahoo and google searching for this stuff!

    Ok, since that question is answered, I'm going to fire up a campaign and see if the cheats will work for an entire campaign. I'll report back and let you know if these cheats work only on one map at a time, if they carry over to the next map, or if they don't, whether or not you have to manually input it into each map when it loads. I hope it doesn't have to be loaded into each map.

    thanks again boo!
    I cheat, therefore I win.

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    http://www.et-strategy.uni.cc/ He found it there im pretty sure, go down to cheat server... Am i right...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheater99
    http://www.et-strategy.uni.cc/ He found it there im pretty sure, go down to cheat server... Am i right...
    you sure are, damn good site that.

    plus all this from medic's cvar unlocker; which can be found in the mpc downloader section:

    cg_animState "0"
    cg_cameraOrbit "0"
    cg_thirdPerson "0" -enable third-person view mode
    cg_thirdPersonAngle "0" -set third-person view angle
    cg_thirdPersonRange "80" -set third-person view range
    cg_tracerlength "160" -set tracer bullet length
    cg_tracerSpeed "4500" -set tracer bullet speed
    cg_tracerwidth "0.8" -set tracer bullet width
    cg_tracerchance "0.4"
    cg_footsteps "1" -enable or disable footstep sounds
    cg_noplayeranims "0" -disable player animations
    cg_nopredict "0" -disable client-side prediction; may increase apparent lag if 1
    cg_debugevents "0" -displays all the events that are happening in the game to the console
    cg_debugposition "0" -displays your position in the game to the console
    cg_debuganim "0" -debug tool for animation. A value of 1 prints to the console, A value of 2 prints to the debug window
    cg_animspeed "1"
    cg_swingSpeed "0.1"
    cg_centertime "5"
    cg_gunZ "0" -set player gun position Z-coordinate
    cg_gunY "0" -set player gun position Y-coordinate
    cg_gunX "0" -set player gun position X-coordinate
    cg_draw2D "0" -enable/disable display of 2D graphics
    cg_skybox "1"
    cg_fov "90" -set normal (non-zoomed) FOV (field-of-vision), 90 is default, lower is more zoomed-in, higher is fish-eye zoomed out
    g_movespeed "76"
    g_scriptDebugLevel "0"
    g_scriptDebug "0"
    g_debugConstruct "0"
    g_scriptName ""
    g_footstepAudibleRange "256"
    g_userAim "1"
    g_debugBullets "0"
    g_debugDamage "0"
    cm_optimize "1"
    cm_noCurves "0"
    cm_noAreas "0"
    cm_playerCurveClip "1" -enable player collisions with curved surfaces
    com_cameraMode "0"
    com_dropsim "0"
    com_showtrace "0" -debugging tool that prints out trace information
    s_testsound "0" -enable sound test mode plays a high pitch sound
    s_show "0" -display filenames of all sounds as they are played
    r_noportals "0" -debugging tool to turn off all portals
    r_lockpvs "0" -disable update to PVS table as player moves through map (new areas not rendered)
    r_drawBuffer "GL_BACK" -display rendering system buffer name
    r_offsetunits "-2" -polygon offset units for shader stages that have polygong offset set
    r_offsetfactor "-1" -polygon offset factor for shader stages that have polygon offset set
    r_clear "0" -enable clearing of unrefreshed images
    r_showmodelbounds "0"
    r_shownormals "0" -debugging tool that shows the normals of all triangles being renderered
    r_showsky "0" -debugging tool that renders the sky in front of everything else so you can see how much of the sky is being rendered
    r_showtris "0" -enable rendering triangles (wireframe-ish) OpenGL only
    r_nobind "0" -debugging tool to turn off all texture binding
    r_debugSurface "0"
    r_logFile "0" -set log file name
    r_verbose "0" -turns on additional startup information when renderer is starting up
    r_speeds "0" -debugging tool that prints out information about the renderer
    (1 - prints out shaders/surfs, leafs, verts, tris, mtex and dc
    2 - prints out culling statiistics,
    3 - prints our viewcluster,
    4 - prints our dynamic lighting information,
    5 - prints out Z info,
    6 - prints out flare info)
    r_showcluster "0" -debugging tool that prints out current area and cluster
    r_novis "0" -debugging tool to turn off vis information
    r_nocull "0" -debugging tool to turn off all culling, force rendering of hidden objects (slows performance)
    r_ignore "1" -debug cvar that is used in various places throughout the code to zero out variables
    r_drawentities "1" -enable display of brush entities
    r_norefresh "0" -turn off all rendering
    r_lodscale "5" -a lod scale that artificially distorts the rate at which polygons drop away from characters
    r_measureOverdraw "0" -when set to 1, and if the hardware supports a stencil buffer, overdraw will be reported
    r_skipBackEnd "0" -debugging tool that skips the rendering of the back end
    r_showSmp "0" -will show SMP activity while rendering
    r_flareFade "5" -how long light coronas should fade when on the screen or off the screen
    r_flareSize "40" -the size of the light coronas
    r_portalOnly "0" -debugging tool that only draw what is rendered by the portal, not the regular scene
    r_lightmap "0" -enable lightmaps
    r_drawfoliage "1"
    r_drawworld "1" -enable rendering of map architecture
    r_nocurves "0" -debugging tool to turn off all curves
    r_wolffog "1" -turns fog on or off
    r_bonesDebug "0"
    r_debugSort "0" -debug tool that only renderes those sort layers that are greater than the value of the variable
    r_directedScale "1" -a global scale factor for all direct lighting on models and characters
    r_ambientScale "0.5" - set ambient lighting intensity scaling factor
    r_zfar "0" -far Z clipping pane
    r_znear "3" -near Z clipping plane
    r_singleShader "0"

    graphshift "0" -the offset of a debuggraph or timegraph
    graphscale "1" -the scale of a debuggraph or timegraph
    graphheight "32" -the height of a degbuggraph or timegraph
    debuggraph "0" -whether or not to render the debuggraph
    timegraph "0" -debug tool that prints out the current timing of the game
    timedemo "0" -run a demo at full speed for performance testing
    fixedtime "0" -when non-zero, locks the msecs per frame
    timescale "1" -global timescale that allows you to slow down or speed up the game
    viewlog "0" -whether or not the console at the beginning of the game should be: 0 - hidden, 1 - window sized with scroll, or 2 - minimized
    developer "0" -enable developer mode (more verbose messages)
    con_drawnotify "0"
    the_author "fau$

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