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Thread: JK3/Jk2 Skins and Models

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    Lightbulb JK3/Jk2 Skins and Models

    I really have yet to see a thread started pretaining to models and skins for the JK series. It would really be cool if everyone could post links to their favorite sites or even upload their favorite skins or models that some of us may or may not know about. Im sure everyone here has been to jk3files.com a billion times. I've seen all the skins and models there and they get a few every week or two but I hate waiting. So if anyone has any favorite sights no one knows about or some some special skins feel free to post.

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    Knight of Wars Parall3l's Avatar
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    14th Jun 2004
    The only ones I know about are jk3files and lucasfiles but they havent got THAT much stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parall3l
    The only ones I know about are jk3files and lucasfiles but they havent got THAT much stuff
    Feel free to post any favorite models or skins you have it doesn't have to be a site...Here is one of my favorite it's a model of Ewok and its really nicely done....


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    Has anyone got and Scripts.... / working program for JK2 1.02 ..... eg. Speed Hax...Aim bot....Lagg bot...... ( a speed or lagg bot would be great)............

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    deli pastrami
    yea im fine with the regular 3-main sites but wat i would like to know is how to make my own models and weopons..... I have jedi academy and photoshop 7.....thx

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    I just like the Saber (weapons) skins as if i can a skin it always is to big for my liking

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    Hilts never work for me for some reason...I download them but all I see is the basic ones I have no idea why they dont show up anyway I started this thread for models and skins but no one posted anything in it....
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